Lake Crowley fishing is fair to excellent, the algae is almost non-existent

Crowley Lake - Mammoth Lakes, CA (Mono County)

by The Trout Fitter Staff
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Water Conditions: Water temp has soared to near 70F on the bottom across the lake. Algae is almost non-existent.

The lake is much lower than previous years. Watch out for Pelican Point which sticks out way into the lake.

Look for white buoys and pass to the east.

Also the islands just north of there are poppng out. Watch for buoys and go slow coming in when it is rough as buoys are small and tough to see in chop.

Fishing Conditions and Hatches: Lake Crowley fishing is good to excellent. Fish are on the move trying to find that little colder water. McGee has slowed on big fish and Green Banks is now the place. Be ready to move from day to day.

Almost more Browns and Cutthroats than Rainbows everywhere.

The high water temps and the result low oxygen are making for exhausted fish that should not be taken out of the water even briefly. I am speaking of even the little guys and the bigger fish are much worse. If you need a photo, take it in the net. 30 seconds out of the water is a death sentence no matter how long you revive afterwards.

Recommended Flies:
Kent's: Perch Patterns or Bright red larvae patterns producing before 9 am. Gray/Black or Olive Bead Head Optimidge with Green Flashback after the sun gets high. Red/Black Optimidge or Mickey's Copper Tiger, Mickey's: Albino Baron early, Shaft Emerger midday.

Strip Perfection Perch - smallest size.

Guides Hint: Those fish slapping the surface are chasing Perch Fry up from the bottom. Get in the tube and strip Perfection Perch or hang a Punk Perch under the indicator before 8AM.

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