Flows are 78 CFS on the Little Truckee. Awesome flows for this time of year.

Little Truckee River - CA (Sierra County)

by Reno Fly Fishing Outfitters

The water in the Little Truckee comes from the bottom of Stampede Reservoir and is a lot colder than other area streams. It does tend to get a little warmer the further you go downstream from the dam and fish can get stacked in the upper stretches of the river. At 78 CFS, fish can spread out a little more and create more holding water. There is still a PMD hatch going on mid morning to early afternoon. Get there early though if you are going to have a chance to fish one of the more popular holes. For best results do not approach a spot and start blind fishing an indicator rig over and over again. These fish have seen it all. The Little Truckee is a technical fishery that should be fished that way. Get to a spot, observe, look for fish and make fewer casts. Take breaks often; the fish in the Little Truckee have a high tolerance to anglers and will start back feeding pretty quickly after getting spooked. PMD nymphs in 16 and 18, San Juan Worms and Midges are all worth a try. Have some PMD dries in the bag as well. All your flies should be tied sparse and with very if any flash. The water is clear and the fish will refuse a real bug so the imitations need to be good ones.

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