Fishing on the Lower Sac has been fair for some, tough for others.

Sacramento River - CA

by The Fly Shop

Current River Conditions: Not much has changes this week. River flows are at 1500 CFS at this time. Shane Kohlbeck had a great day with guests this week, boating more than a few big rainbows. Right now, the quality is in knowing all the drop-offs and bottom transitions. More experienced anglers are going to do better when this river is acting fickle. Best fishing has been in the AM hours, quiet in the early afternoons and then a flurry of hook-ups during the last part of the day. We have heard some really good reports on the evening fly fishing describing big rainbows chowing on emerging caddis at sundown. Flows have been up and down and so the fishing has been up & down. As long as the flows stay stable, expect good fishing all day! Expect fewer but bigger fish in Redding. More numbers below Anderson. Best dry fly fishing happens near sunset, after 8:00 PM.

The Fly Shop's Tips: Swinging flies like Poopahs, Bird's Nests, Skip Nymphs can provoke more than a few fish near sunset. Make sure you are fishing shallow water moving over a rocky riffle.

When it comes to trout fishing on the Lower Sacramento around Redding, CA., nymphing is by far the most productive fly fishing method. We fish deep on this river. Although a tapered leader will work when nymphing this river, we recommend constructing your leader out of 2X, 3X and 4X tippet or level fluorocarbon. Basically, tie in your 2X tippet at the indicator and pull off about 7.5-8.5 feet. Now grab your 3X and tie it in using a double surgeon knot to a length of 18"-24". Go ahead and tie in your first fly. The second fly drops off of the hook bend of the first fly. Use your 4X tippet to tie in the second, smaller fly. We like to use "BIG" 1 1/4" indicators. SSG split shot also known as "Goose Shot" will get the flies down to the fish. If you are wading the river and not in a drift boat, add another AAA or even a second SSG to your rig. The sooner the flies get to the bottom of the river, the more time you spend "fishing".

Water Flows:
Lower Sacramento Flows

Suggested Fly Patterns:

Dry Flies:

• Dean's Twilight Caddis #12-14
• E/C Caddis Tan #14-16
• Mercer's Missing Link #16
• Quigley's Midget Caddis #16

Nymphs/Wet Flies:
• CB Bird's Nest - #14-16
• Skip Nymph
• Fox's Cinnamon Poopah - #12
• KP Nosepicker PMD #16
• Mercer's Micro Mayfly #14-16 Brown
• Beaded Drifting Flashback #16
• Zack's Pseudo May #16 Black or Brown
• Gordon's Amber Wing Prince #14-18
• GB Superflash PT - Pearl #18
• Pat's Rubberlegs - #6-8

• Micro Spawn - Oregon Cheese

Fly Fishing Gear:
• The Fly Shop's Signature H2O Indicator Rod
• Rio Fly Line Perfect For The "Sac"
• Simms Solar Shirt/TFS Logo
• Dr. Slick/TFS Scissor/Hemostat
• An indicator that suspends heavy split shot!

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