Crowley Lake Fishing Report

Crowley Lake - Mammoth Lakes, CA (Mono County)

by The Trout Fitter Staff
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Fishing conditions and Hatches: Poor to Excellent. The Daphnia ranges from horrible to no problem but you have to "shop" spots to find where it isn't each day as the stuff moves with the ever-present currents. If you see unexplained clouds on your fish finder or fish at all depths from top to bottom, keep on going. Look for spots where fish are all near the bottom (looking for midges) or just trial and error spots using 5 minute rule. Stripping is typically more effective than midging if you are fishing where the Dapnia is as you cover more area and it will ellict an aggression strike even though they are swimming through their food and aren't hunting for food. The last few days the body count was low but some really huge fish are being caught in the north end, alligator, six bays, green banks in particular. I'll swap quality for quantity any day.

Recommended Flies:
Blood Worms early then Optimidges in Red/Black or Purple next and Black or Gray/Black later in the day. Beadheads still necessary where there is still some algae flecks but go with dubbed head if possible. Nothing magic required for streamers - perfection perch, punk perch, matukas, black wooly buggers and hornbergs will all produce. Try fast and slow retrieves to get that aggression strike. Try slow twitch with leech pattern or add a small hare's Ear trailer to your streamer.

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