Santa Margarita Lake Report

Santa Margarita Lake - CA (San Luis Obispo County)

by Santa Margarita Lake Staff

The drop in temperature has put fish in a bit of a lethargic state. Best luck seems to be in the afternoon once the sun has been out the fish start to move. Creature baits that mimic lizards and crawdads have brought in some decent bass over the week. Catfish are slow to but but if you have time to wait you’ll likely get a nice one. Crappie are on one day and off the next. Can’t keep up with the color jig that’s best.

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Bass bite is good in the afternoon. Nightcrawler off the bottom about 15 feet offshore is the best advice for an easy catch. A lot of 10 plus pound Catfish were caught this week by several different people suing cut baits around 30 feet off shore. Crappie are good size. Fishing the right color, bait and technique seems to be the issue if you can get it all down pay then they are worth your efforts. Bluegill are hitting on...... Read More

The crappie are biting like crazy. Gotta let out here before 10 AM or try the evening but they are pulling up average 1.1-1.9 pounders! Bass are still between 30-60 feet off shore down at least 15 feet going soft win baits. Either a trout or panfish look a like. Catfish will hit on a bundle of live worms or cut baits. Bluegill are coming near the shores surface mid day biting on live worms as well. ...... Read More