Bass Are Between 5-20 Feet Deep

Santa Margarita Lake - CA (San Luis Obispo County)

by Santa Margarita Lake Staff

Bass are between 5-20 feet deep according to anglers with fish finders. Most between 40-60 feet off shore. Tokyo rigs with a pumpkin creature bait landed ons of smaller guys. Morning dawn and margaritas mutilator robo worms landed 7.8 towards the dam set up wacky rig Yule. Bluegill are still loving live worms. Catfish are about 30 feet off shore on the bottom. No weight needed and remember to leave some slack in your line. Crappie are being down occasionally in a short snap of fun. People reporting catching 6-7 of them really quickly it they are gone as quick as they arrive.

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Water temperature is right about where it needs to be for the best fishing out here. Tons and tons of panfish were caught this week. Live worms and the ticket for every species right now even the catfish. Spinners baits are working great in the morning. Little weighted head with a jig for the crappie about 15 feet down. Floats style set up with a live worm dangling about 3 feet below the bobber for the bluegill and red ear....... Read More

The algae bloom is basically gone but the water clarity isn’t back to normal quite yet. Water temperatures are getting much better for even a mid day bite. Crappie were caught mid afternoon on small jointed bass lures. Bass are going for black or motor oil colored senko’s, live worms, and poppers. Catfish have slacked off a little but are still being caught on frozen cut baits. Tons of bluegill for the kids just use a float and a live...... Read More