Two Weeks to go! Get it while you can.

Crowley Lake - Mammoth Lakes, CA (Mono County)

Lahontan Cutthroat
Photo Credit: Jim Elias

by Jim Elias

Lake is down almost 20ft but the level is holding. Water is pretty clear. Surface temps are cooling, only getting up to about 60 mid day.  Algae is starting to get bad again in most places on the lake.

Rod Size:  #4-#6 Weights

Tippet Size: 4-5X  

Dries: Not Yet

Leader: Standard 9ft when fishing less than 15ft. Otherwise try my Deep Indicator Rigs in two variants 15-20ft or 20-25ft

Nymphs: Spiral Flash Black/Silver #16White Tiger #16Zuchini Midge #16Black/Red Midge #16-18, Albino Baron Red #16, Gray/Black Midge #16-18, Spiral Flash Black/Grey #16, Burnt Orange/Black Midge #16, Vader Midge #16

Streamers: Punk Perch #10, Hornberg #8-12, Olive Matuka #8-10



The Islands past Pelican point on the way to McGee are now only about 4ft from the surface of the water. Probably a good idea to get in the habit of driving around them now before the lake gets much lower!


I've added two new fly samplers to the store. As before, get 12 for the price of 11.

Crowley Sampler #2 Crowley Sampler #3


The fleet is now fishing mainly up near Six Bays and Layton. Most of those fish are concentrated on the dropoffs, but it's inconsistent. Some days its great, and not so good the next. Seeing fish scattered all throughout the north arm from Sandy, to Alligator all the way up to North Landing. There are some fish in the Hiltons, but it's been pretty variable, and I think McGee is done for the season. Haven't been back in what's left of crooked but I'm sure there are some fish hiding back there too. Water temps are fairly uniform, which is why the fish are so spread out. There isn't much to keep them in one place anymore, and with the lake level stabilizing it's spread them out even more! Don't stay in any one place for more than a half hour at this point. The cooler water temps make for territorial fish, who will defend their little area and keep other fish out. So you might get a bunch of grabs, and then eventually the same group of fish will catch on, and then it's time to move. Fish generally move into much shallower water this time of year, so think less than 10ft in most cases. I've been out stripping from the boat the last several days, in as little as 3-4ft of water! So break out that intermediate line and fish all up and down the shorelines in your tube. There are virtually no weeds to be found right now either, so don't worry about getting hung up. 

Fish Mammoth Guides Services is located in Mammoth Lakes, CA (Mono County). Fishing Guide, Jim Elias, can take you fishing on Crowley Lake, Upper Owens, Lower Owens and East Walker River. To book your guided fishing trip with Jim Elias please all him at (760) 582-2195 and for more information please visit his WEBSITE..

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