Santa Margarita Fishing Report

Santa Margarita Lake - CA (San Luis Obispo County)

by Santa Margarita Lake Staff

Everyone has had a really tough time caching much of anything. Grubs worked for bass for the fellow that did catch one. Crappie are still being caught a little bit but they are much smaller than before. Catfish take a long time to get but are still being found in various places throughout the lake. Even live worms aren’t helping anyone as of now. The fish are in a trance like state from what I hear, people can see the fish and brush a lure rich in front of their mouth without any reaction. Yellow crappie jigs we’re the key for the small few that were caught.

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Santa Margarita Fishing Report
Santa Margarita Lake
This has to be the toughest week so far for all species across the board. I talked to as many people that slopped by and not only did they have bad luck but so had everyone they chatted with. I know a regular out here got 2 crappie with a peal white jig and glow white crappie nibble. Also saw one guy on a boa across the cove jumping up and down about a 4 to 5 pound largemouth bass....... Read More

Crappie are loving chartreuse this week, still deep hitting as you reel back up. Bluegill and Redear must be taking a long winter nap. No worm or amount of effort has helped to land these panfish which has been no fun for the kids. Catfish have been few and far between barely hitting on their typical cut baits. The few that took the bait were under 3 pounds. Bass are doing their own thing going for a plethora of swim...... Read More