Santa Margarita Lake Fishing Report

Santa Margarita Lake - CA (San Luis Obispo County)

by Santa Margarita Lake Staff

Crappie are loving chartreuse this week, still deep hitting as you reel back up. Bluegill and Redear must be taking a long winter nap. No worm or amount of effort has helped to land these panfish which has been no fun for the kids. Catfish have been few and far between barely hitting on their typical cut baits. The few that took the bait were under 3 pounds. Bass are doing their own thing going for a plethora of swim baits & seiko’s. All being caught are still not that impressive size for our lake.

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Crappie and Catfish are what we have seen caught this week. The Catfish are feeding like crazy all that were caught had a firm full belly. Cast out about 20 feet from shore with a large hunk of mackerel and let it sink to the bottom. We se a bell to listen for a rig on the line and set the hook as they pull out. Crappie are going for darker colored jigs at about 25 feet deep, they are...... Read More

Dark colored rattle traps are good for cloudy days for the bass. Catfish are slow biting but still around, anglers having the best luck fishing on the bottom. On windy days when the water is choppy if you try to bobber fish place the bait about 6 feet down for better luck. Silver glitter speckled jigs have been the best for crappie, try the sexy shad type. Bluegill come out in the warmest afternoons hitting on live worms. Overall the...... Read More