Santa Margarita Fishing Report

Santa Margarita Lake - CA (San Luis Obispo County)

by Santa Margarita Lake Staff

Overall, it was not the best week for some that fished for hours with no trophy. But, other fishermen had luck with pan fish, either crappie or bluegill in different locations. Not certain I recall hearing anyone catching a bass and did hear about some bite on dive baits. Heard about one catfish being caught and lost near the shore on nightcrawler.

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Some bass were going after spinner baits, dark colored greens, blacks and blues. Crappie are definitely back if you can get the right color of jig, no luck on white or pearl right now. They are being caught mostly with grasshopper and fire tiger, so green with red or green with brow. You will need a boat to get these, they like being in deeper water. Catfish are here and there is no particular bait or place to find them....... Read More

Santa Margarita Fishing Report
Santa Margarita Lake
Not much luck for most of the people we talked with this week, regarding bass or Catfish. The crappie are back if you can find that honey hole, but no one is telling their secrets on landing them. It has been very windy, disturbing the fish I am assuming. Found a lot fo people trying to use worm blowers to float the worm from the bottom, just switching up techniques getting a little action. Fire tiger colors are the talk...... Read More