High Flows on East Walker

Walker River - East Fork (CA) - Bridgeport, CA (Mono County)

Photo Credit: ©Chad Woods (May 05, 2017)
All Rights Reserved

by Jim Reid

We had a couple breaks in the weather this past week and I was able to talk to a couple anglers who hit up the EW between storms! The river is running at about 717 cfs right now but when the anglers I talked with were there it was running around 325 or so. Both anglers fished the upper mile section on the California side and both were fairly successful. Streamers seemed to be the ticket with the higher water flows, they were fishing perch pattern streamers and wooly buggers mainly though one angler was able to pull a couple fish with a san juan worm. Now with the flows much higher than when they were down there it will likely be tougher but if you watch the flows and they come down to under 350 or 400 you could very well have a great time down there. Even with the storms we’ve been having the temperatures are much warmer than a few weeks ago so this will help the fishing, also with these high flows a lot of silt, algae and weeds should get blown out of the river which should make for a great overall season this year!

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