Silver Lake Resort Fishing Report

Silver Lake - June Lake, CA (Mono County)

by Andrew Jones

The fishing at Silver Lake has been much like a roller coaster ride over the past week. Up and down is the best way to describe it as the water temperatures still remain warm despite some cooler nights. The word of the week was “Patience” as that is what it took to catch some of the nicer fish at Silver Lake. Remember, the fish are going to jump into your boat or your net, it does take patience, patience, patience!!!! The closest thing we have right now to the “Magic Ticket” is going to be Berkley Mice Tails in all colors but especially n white and pink. The fish are still down deep but are working their way to the surface early in the mornings and late in the day but will spend the majority of their time at the bottom of the lake in the cooler waters. DFW still are stocking every week and we are on the list for this week again so we will take all we can get as the season starts to wind down. The Fall colors continue to change in the upper elevations and look to be about a week away in and around Silver Lake and the Loop area. It is still hard to say when the colors will be at their peek as we are still in the mid 70’s during the day which keeps things from moving fast but they are heading in the right direction. Make plans for your last trip of the year to Silver Lake Resort and the June Lake Loop as Silver Lake Resort will be closing for the season on October 19th!!! About three more weeks to come on up and enjoy a great breakfast or lunch in our Café and rent a boat for some fishing or just enjoy the beauty of the Eastern Sierra and Mono County.

Happy Fishing or Fall Color Watching and We Will See You at The Lake!!!

Fish of the Week:

Silver Lake Resort’s own Alex Duarte took the advise he learned over the summer from “Big Fish Bob” and it finally paid off as he pulled in this nice 2 pound 12 ounce Rainbow fishing from a boat on Silver Lake using Salmon Peach Power Bait. Now I know that Alex’s fish isn’t even close to as big as “Big Fish Bob’s” was this summer but it takes years of training to become as successful as Bob. Good start Alex!!! Maybe next season “Big Fish Bob” will continue to apprentice young Alex not only on Fishing Techniques but his work habits and life skills in general through “Big Fish Bob’s” Motivational speaking. If you are around Silver Lake next season “Big Fish Bob” holds these Motivational Speaking Seminars on Tuesdays on the SLR dock!!!!

The Silver Lake Resort is a full service resort in June Lake, CA. We offer accommodations for fisherman throughout the trout season. We have cabins for all size groups, an RV park, a Cafe with fabulous food and a general store to meet your needs. If you would like to book a trip to Silver Lake call them at (760) 648-7525. For more information check out their WEBSITE.

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