Good Day on the New Huck Finn

Farallon Islands - San Francisco, CA (San Francisco County)

Photo Credit: Artwork provided by Captain Yokomizo

by Jay Yokomizo
(510) 652-3403

Captain Jay Yokomizo checked in this evening with an update from the New Huck Finn out of Emeryville, CA.  Today our 20 anglers caught 200 Rockfish (limits) and 20 Lingcod (up to 15 pounds).

Monday - Rockfish
Tuesday - Rockfish
Wednesday - Rockfish
Thursday - Rockfish


If you would like to go fishing on the New Huck Finn please call Heather at (510) 652-3403 or for more information please check our website at

New Huck Finn

Captain Jay Yokomizo
Fish Emeryville
Emeryville, CA