Lovely Salmon

Pacifica Coast - Pacifica, CA (San Mateo County)

Photo Credit: Mike Rescino

by Mike Rescino
(650) 619-6629

Captain Mike Rescino checked in this afternoon with an audio update from the Lovely Martha out of San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf. Today we had a full day Salmon trolling trip.  We had 10 anglers catch 20 King Salmon (up to 24 pounds).

Saturday - 1/2 Day Halibut and Striped Bass
Sunday - Full Day Salmon
Monday - Full Day Salmon
Tuesday - 1/2 Day Halibut and Striped Bass
Thursday - Full Day Salmon
Friday - Full Day Salmon
Saturday - Full Day Salmon

The Lovely Martha is slipped up in San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf. If you would like to go fishing on the Lovely Martha please call Mike Rescino at (650) 619-6629. If you would like any additional information please visit the Lovely Martha's WEBSITE.

Lovely Martha

Captain Mike Rescino
Lovely Martha Sportfishing
San Francisco, CA