Sea Wolf Bay Report

San Francisco Bay - San Francisco, CA

This one pinned our scale which has a maximum weight of 30 pounds.
Photo Credit: Sea Wolf Crew

by Joe Hobbs
(510) 652-3403

Captain Joe Hobbs checked in this evening with an update from the Sea Wolf out of Emeryville, CA. Today we had 14 fishing in San Francisco Bay. We caught 19 Halibut (30+ pounds) and 3 Striped Bass (up to 4 pounds).

We have a few spots for tomorrow’s Rockfish trip.

The Sea Wolf runs trips out of Fish Emeryville in Emeryville, CA. If you would like make a reservation you can BOOK ONLINE or you can call (510) 652-3403.

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Sea Wolf

Captain Jon Yokomizo
Fish Emeryville
Emeryville, CA