Nice Rainbows & a few Browns are being caught on the Upper Owens

Owens River - CA

by Tom Loe

Still pretty good for numbers of planted rainbows with a few nice browns showing out of the deeper pools. Caddis and hopper activity is good on the calmer days. Nymphing a tandem rig with flashback PT's or birds nest assassin's are a good choice. Try a FB PT or an Assassin as your upper-attach a broken back midge as the dropper or point fly in the deeper pools for a shot at one of those elusive jumbo browns. Skeeters have been around since the pastures have been irrigated. Flows are nice with clean water above the bridge. The cattle can really mess up a beat if they wade in Little Hot Creek or one of the ditches so you may see some weeds and turbid water from time to time especially below the Benton Crossing Bridge.

Pictured Above:
Long time Sierra Drifter KJ with a nice Upper Owens brownie caught on an Assassin pattern.
Photo #1: Bob W. showing off a nice Upper Owens bow caught while nymphing.
Photo #2: Steve S. showing one of many catchable sized bows he got on his guide trip. Wet wading is perfect on the UO currently.
Photo #3: Pete C with the bendo shot...
Photo #4: Pete closes the deal!

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