Flash Sportfishing lands 4 sturgeon, some small bass and some small flounders

by Steve Talmadge

Hey Sportsmen,

I am back on the water after a few days off with my daughter that is home on spring break. Today we fished near the Benicia Bridge and neat Buoy 9. Most of our action was near buoy 9. We landed 4 sturgeon, some small bass and some small flounders. The sturgeon were all short except one oversized. 17 year old Taylor Comer from Sheridan hooked and landed his first sturgeon ever. The sturgeon was 65 inches new measurement and 72 inches old measurement. It was a though 25 minute battle but he won. The fish took JPS (just plain shrimp) in 32 feet of water during the incoming tide. The water temperature was 60.5 degrees and we saw a lot of jumpers. Some room just opened up on Saturday. Give me a call if you want a good shot at getting a sturgeon. We meet at the boat at 6:00 am. Enjoy the photos. I also have some room during the week.

Captain Steve Talmadge


Captain Steve Talmadge
Flash Sportfishing Adventures
San Francisco, CA