San Joaquin River Fish Report

San Joaquin River - Stockton, CA

by The Trout Fitter Staff
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The Trout Fly Fish Report


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Water Conditions:The water is clear and cool. Most of the river is fishing about normal for August.

Fishing Conditions and Hatches:Fishing is getting tougher on the river. You should avoid the campgrounds unless you start there. Covering a lot of water(using the shuttle) or hiking a bit is your best bet. It doesn't seem the DFG has put many fish in this year so the natives are suffering. The fish are spooky so use a little stealth when approachin g the primary holes. Make sure and fish the shadowed water near the banks as fish are looking for cover from you and the sun. A size #18 stimulator should pick up fish all day. HATCHES: There are still some impressive stone flys as well as mayflys. The mayflys are a size 18 adult and can be white or light green. Make sure and look under some rocks in the riffles, pretty cool!

Recommended Flies:
Sporadic large Drakes, Large light colored Caddis and lots of small midges. Dries: #10-14 Yellow and Orange Stimulators, #12 yellow or orange Humpy's, #12-18 Elk Hair Caddis, #12-18 Royal Wulff's, #12-18 Parachute Adams, black ant patterns and #16-18 PMD and light cahill. Nymphs: #18 zebra midges, #18 PT's, #18 Micro Mayflies, #14-16 Barr's PMD Emergers, #16 Black AP nymphs, Mercer's Stonefly Nymphs, #16-18 Caddis pupa,#16-18 Beck's sulpher emerger

Guide's Hint:If you are getting fish rising on your fly but you keep missing them, they really aren't eating it, just bumping it, (a refusal). When this happens, switch to a smaller fly.

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