Pardee lake report

Pardee Reservoir - Ione, CA

by Fred Dorman
(209) 772-1472

Lots of folks here this weekend! There is a good size group of campers and fishermen here this weekend. Beautiful weather and lots of schools resume next week so perhaps this is the last opportunity for the families to get away for this summer. Look for mid 80s to low 90s today with a gentle breeze and cooling temps overnight. The forecast calls for some more mild breezes and comfortable temperatures throughout the week. The Lake level looks to be about 10 feet to 12 feet below spill; controlled release will take it down another 9 feet by the end of August. Water at surface measured 76 degrees and 72 at the 20 foot mark. Water clarity is good to 12 feet.

Trolling: Trout are congregating in 30 to 50 feet of water at the Mouth of the River, the Narrows and along the Barrel line in the south end. Kokanee are showing in the same locations but far deeper, set your downriggers tat 70 to 100 feet. Some Trollers are reporting that some Kokes are beginning to turn. Kokanee still prefer fluorescent red wedding rings, copper pops hoochies and midge wobblers all corned and scented and drug behind mid-sized dodgers in watermelon/green/silver and blue. Reportedly the Trout prefer worms behind flashers as of late.

Recent Success Stories: Willie and Dwight of Hayward and Castro Valley got this very respectable stringer of Rainbows in Mel's cove using power eggs, cunning, stealth and remarkable fishing skill. William from nearby Valley Springs got an excellent limit of chubby Kokes trolling Uncle Larry's in the River Arm (further details classified).Congratulations to all-well done!!

Bank Fishing: Still lots of bank anglers working the Tom Sawyer Island, the Launch Ramp, Stony Creek Point and the bank behind the EBMUD boathouse this afternoon. The cleaning station was busy with folks cleaning their catches this afternoon. Power bait balls, maggots and night crawlers get the nod from the more successful bank anglers. Hanging down from a surface bobber or floating up from the bottom on a sliding sinker, both are working well. Chartreuse, white and rainbow are the preferred power bait colors.

Bass: Some good size Bass caught along the Rock Wall, Copper Cove and Wanda's Cove and rocky points upriver.

Catfish: Lots of cats in the coves from Mel's to Rattlesnake in the south end, chicken liver is the bait of choice. The water is warm in the coves, just what those lazy cats like to hang out in!

Trout Plants: As of today The Department of fish and Game has planted 3000 lbs, Pardee Lake has planted 46,600 lbs with more plants scheduled.

Fred Dorman, staff writer <*(((-----< Good Luck-Tight Lines

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