Back to School at Trout Stock University

Mammoth Lakes - (Mono County)

by Stuart Brown
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Mammoth Lakes, CA - Troutstock Eastern Sierra will once again feature a Tagged Trout Competition including a whopping $13,500 in cash and prizes; however, it's the introduction of Troutstock University that event organizers believe will help ensure the integrity of eastern sierra resources for generations to come.

The emphasis during Troutstock Eastern Sierra this Labor Day Weekend is to provide education, awareness of regional fishing conservation efforts, and to nurture future fishing stewards of the Eastern Sierra. To accomplish this goal, event organizers partnered with local businesses and national organizations to create Troutstock University.

Troutstock University is comprised of three elements:

1.Conservation efforts - Recycle your monofilament line and practice fish waste control. 2.Education - Learn catch & release techniques, how to cast a fly or spin rod, and how to clean and cook a trout. 3.Awareness - Fishing regulations, and wildlife stewardship.


The mission of Berkley Conservation Institute is to use science, technology and communication resources to protect and restore the fishable waters and the fish populations that will ensure our children's fishing around the world. At Troutstock Eastern Sierra 2008 you will be able to meet Carrie Wilson, a member of the Conservation Leaders Advisory Team and Associate Marine Biologist for the California Department of Fish and Game who has been instrumental in resource conservation. The passion for stewardship has been a foundation of Berkley for over 70 years.

The Southwest Council of the Federation of Flyfishers (SWCFFF) represents 21 affiliated clubs and many individual members throughout Southern California and Southern Nevada. The SWCFFF is a world wide federation of clubs and individuals who wish to share their sport with others, and foster good sportsmanship, conservation, and ethics. The Federation's mission is to protect all fish in all waters by conserving, restoring, educating through fly fishing.

At Troutstock Eastern Sierra, members of SWCFFF will be installing monofilament line recycling stations at Convict Creek and the Mammoth Lakes Basin and supporting lake/creek clean-up efforts. SWCFFF will also be present at the Troutstock Festival providing fly tying and casting demonstrations.


The Mammoth Middle and High School Fly Fishing Associations are comprised of 12 to 18 year old students who learn about all facets of the sport throughout the expansive waters of the Inyo National Forest and Los Angeles Department of Water and Power in the Eastern Sierra.

The organization is spearheading a clean-up of Convict Creek and the Mammoth Lakes Basin coordinated in partnership with Federation of Fly Fishers Southwest Council, Performance Anglers, Troutstock, Convict Lake Resort and The United States Forest Service.

United Anglers of Southern California is a volunteer-driven, non-profit organization dedicated to the enhancement of fishery resources through management, conservation, and education in order to pass the sport of fishing onto future generations. At Troutstock Eastern Sierra, United Anglers of Southern California will be taking photos of kids with their "first" fish at the Kid's Trout Pond as well as assisting with the Kidstock Casting Competition.

Trail of the Trout sponsored by Mono Council for the Arts is a public art exhibit of giant size trout spanning the 395 scenic corridor from Lone Pine to Bridgeport. The exhibit celebrates local fishing heritage and the arts in the Eastern Sierra. Proceeds benefit after-school art classes and trout conservation and education efforts in the Eastern Sierra. A unique fish sculpture will be displayed at Troutstock Eastern Sierra's 2008 Festival of all Things Trout taking place at The Village at Mammoth over Labor Day Weekend.


Many people don't even know that California has a state fish. The California Golden Trout has held that honor since 1947. Also known as the Volcano Creek Golden Trout, this exquisitely-colored little fish has plied the waters of the High Sierras for millennia. Despite its state-fish status, California Golden's are imperiled and have been listed as a "Species of Concern" by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service since 1991.

The Golden Trout Project is a collaborative effort between Trout Unlimited, California Trout, the Federation of Flyfishers, the California Department of Fish and Game and the U.S. Forest Service to protect and restore the California Golden Trout, our state fish. The Project partners coordinate opportunities for volunteers to participate in restoration and monitoring in and around the Golden Trout Wilderness in Inyo and Sequoia National Forests and Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks in the southern Sierra.

This is a nationally recognized restoration project to protect the state fish on public lands. At Troutstock, representatives from organizations supporting the Golden Trout Project will discuss topics of concern and how you can help. "Troutstock Eastern Sierra 2008 places a high value on sustainability and continuity of our unique relationship with the natural environment. As stewards, we support visitation and tourism as appropriate means to educate and share our abundant resources. We hope you will share our passion for protecting our unique resources and learn and apply some of the participating organizations methods for ensuring the integrity of our eastern sierra resources for generations to come at Troutstock University," commented Danna Stroud, Mammoth Lakes Tourism and Recreation Director.


Troutstock Eastern Sierra 2008 is produced by The Town of Mammoth Lakes Department of Tourism & Recreation, in partnership with the June Lake Chamber of Commerce, Convict Lake Resort, The Village at Mammoth, The California Department of Fish and Game, and the California Fishing Passport Program. For additional information about Troutstock Eastern Sierra 2008 or to register online, please visit

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