Del Valle Fishing Report

Del Valle Lake - Livermore, CA (Alameda County)

by Del Valle Marina
(510) 544-3146

Spring is in the air and the influx of water and temperatures have the fish changing patterns.

About 10 feet of water was added in the last 2 weeks. The surface temperature has climbed to 57 degrees at the marina, and 54.5 degrees near the dam. The slight murkiness or off colored water has made it a bass fishing paradise.

The bass are leaving the winter areas and starting their push to the shorelines. They are holding up on newly formed rock points and trees along the edges where visibility is better for them to ambush prey. With the calm almost glass like water conditions on Saturday I had to slow everything down. Picking apart every rock point and tree available I managed 5 small mouth and 7 largemouth bass. Many of those in the 2 to 3 lb range with a 5 lb lunker for the day. My tactics due to the current conditions were a 3 part system. In cover I threw a Texas rig 5" Senko (Gary Yamamoto in Watermelon color) with a 1/8 oz tungsten bullet weight. The setup was able to glide through the limbs with out getting hung up. With the steep rock edges I switch to a 1/4 oz shaky head with a 4" Senko. This allowed me to get down a little deeper as I slowly twitched and bounced it down the rocks. Slow presentations were key on Saturday. Last but not least, my 3rd setup was a 1/2 oz lipless crank bait (Strike King 2 tap red eye shad in chili craw color) . Saturday was not a chuck and wind type of day. All of my strikes came from the fish grabbing it on the fail. I would make long casts across the points and slowly bounce it back to the boat. Rip it up off the bottom and let it fall down. Be prepared to catch a lot of trout with this tactic. They like it too! While checking new areas of the lake in February I landed 15 trout and lost many more doing this. Speaking of trout...Saturdays trout shore fishermen had a lot of success. There were many cheers and laughter around the lake. I watched 2 families catch 3 big healthy trout as floated by. From what I could see the shore fishermen out did the boats trolling for trout on this day. Remember slow was key for Saturdays conditions. It seemed they rather have an easy snack of Powerbait sitting on the bottom then swim after a lure passing by.

However you like to fish, I am sure you will have a great time a Del Valle!

Things to look forward to....

As the water continues to rise and warm up, the lake will form new shorelines and the fishing will just get better. Pre-spawn behaviors are starting and the male bass are wanting to reach the shallows to make their beds. The big females will be grouped up off the first and second points. A perfect opportunity to catch your personal best!

Once the water reaches 60 degrees, the females will move into the shallows too. Letting the suns warmth incubate her eggs in her belly and choosing a nest to her liking. The last of March to into May are going to be very exciting times on the lake! So grab your gear, and I will see you on the water!

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