Horseshoe Lake Report

Horseshoe Lake - Trinity County, CA (Lassen County)

by East Bay Regional Park District


The water is coming up every day, so the fish habitat is changing constantly while the Alameda County Water District is pumping in water. The lake came up over two feet in the last two weeks!

We received 750 pounds of rainbow trout on December 7, and fishing has been really good with the cooler weather! Fishing has been good from the Peninsula and in Kiosk Cove.


A few catfish are still being caught.


Quite a few trout are still being caught by both boaters and shore fishermen, despite our last scheduled trout plant being accidentally dropped off at another lake. Please remember that the daily catch limit is five trout per angler.


Bass bite has been fairly slow. Not too many anglers have reported catches.


On December 04, 2016, eight-year old Lania Kim, fishing with her dad and sisters from the disabled-accessible fishing pier, caught a 7.74-pound, 26-inch rainbow trout using green pumpkin and pink sherbet power bait!!! Lania was so excited that she caught the fish all by herself, she just needed Dad had to help her lift it over the rail.

On December 07, 2016, Nick Phothisane of Hayward caught a two-pound trout, a three-pound trout, a four-pound trout and a seven-pound trout! Nick was using rainbow power bait and was fishing from the Peninsula Point.

On December 11, 2016, Noel Nolasco of Fremont caught a three-and-a-half-pound catfish using green power bait!!! Noel was fishing for trout in the Kiosk Cove.

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