Camanche Lake Fishing Report

Lake Camanche - Wallace, CA

by California Delta Chambers & Visitors Bureau

Nearby Lake Camanche will be holding off for a few more weeks before starting their planting program, also from Mt. Lassen Hatchery, as the water temperature remains in the mid-70’s. Plants are expected to begin by mid to late November. but there are still a number of holdover rainbows from last season’s heavy plants holding in the deepest part of the lake by the dam.
Catfish have been the story at both lakes in the interim period of time, and a 25 pound whisker fish was landed in the South Shore Pond at Camanche on Friiday, October 21 by James Estes Valley Springs. The catfish in the pond are remnants of plantings that took place several years in the past. Lake Amador has also seen catfish to 16 pounds within the week. Catfish have been the story of the week with 2 big whisker fish to 25 pounds taken in the South shore Pond. Trout plants will start around mid to late November from the Mt. Lassen Hatchery as the water temperature remains in the mid 70s.

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