Delta Lake Fishing Report

Delta Lake - CA (Modoc County)

by California Delta Chambers & Visitors Bureau

The good news is that salmon are beginning to make an appearance in the Sacramento River, especially around Freeport where a few fish are being caught trolling and casting spoons from the shoreline. Most of the recent catches have been in the 15 to 20 pound category using single or double bladed Silvertron spinners and casting Flying C’s from the shoreline. The action isn’t fast and furious, but if you put in the time you can be rewarded for your efforts. The best is yet to come as we move into the fall months. The waters locally are still very warm and most of the salmon are moving through the area up into as low as 53º comfort zones near Red Bluff. Presently they are releasing 10,500 cubic feet per second of water out of Shasta Dam which should help speed up the annual migration of Chinook salmon.

Presently there is very little action on striped bass. There is the chance of hooking into a legal 18-incher or better at anchor tossing your bait of choice. Anglers drifting live bluegills still hooking and landing a few stripers in the 5 pound category in Whiskey Slough. Elsewhere mostly dinks.
Sturgeon still showing in the Pittsburg and Suisun Bay area, but there seems to be very little angler interest. This is probably due to persistent winds and extremely hot days keeping most off the water.

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