Steelhead biting on the Lower Klamath

Klamath River - Upper - CA - Hornbrook, CA (Siskiyou County)

by Kenny Priest

The summer steelhead bite picked up last weekend for the few boats side-drifting roe, with the best bite happening from Blue Creek down. There are still quite a few hatchery steelhead in the mix as well. The salmon bite has slowed in the estuary, and a only a handful of fall kings have been caught upriver. The salmon should start entering the river in bigger numbers any day.

Klamath Control Zone closure
The Klamath Control zone will be closed the month of August for ocean sport salmon fishing. The closed zone around the Klamath River mouth is bounded on the north by 41°38'48" N. lat. (approximately 6 nautical miles north of the Klamath River mouth); on the west, by 124°23'00" W. long. (approximately 12 nautical miles off shore); and on the south, by 41°26'48" N. lat. (approximately 6 nautical miles south of the Klamath River mouth).

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