Lake Del Valle Fishing Report

Del Valle Lake - Livermore, CA (Alameda County)

by Del Valle Marina
(510) 544-3146

Dark, cloudy, windy, and rain this week followed by a beautiful Friday. Water temp is 73 degrees and the fish are loving it. Mt.Lassen planted 750 pounds of trout at the public launch on Tuesday. The water is still a little warm for trout in my opinion but that doesn't mean they can’t be caught. We had a few fishermen come back with a trout on the stringer this week, most were caught on a spinner type bait such as Panther Martin, Rooster tails, and Mepp's spinners.

The Striped Bass are still on the boil in the early morning then drop back down into deeper water in the afternoon. Anglers are still catching them on top water and subsurface lures, while other fishermen are tossing out Anchovies or Sardines. The Striped Bass are switching their preference to Sardines from Anchovies but, the Catfish are still taking Chovies hands down.

Catfish are getting caught left and right on cut baits. Anchovies, Sardines, Mackerel, and night crawlers are all excellent baits for the whisker fish. Cats will continue to bite into the fall and winter, as it gets later in the year we start seeing bigger and bigger cats.

The lake level is still dropping and will be for the next several weeks. They are predicting that this winter will be the El Nino season. So that means LOTS of water. It is best to prepare for it early than late considering El Nino’s are notorious for flooding. The rain we had this week was minimal but we will take every drop we can at the moment. Thank you, now go rip some lips! -Dan

Anglers of the week:

Kenny Khu and Tim Wood of Livermore caught 4 Striped Bass on Anchovies in the Upper Narrows.
Kevin of Livermore caught a 3.2 lb Trout on a Panther Martin in Heron Bay
Guillermo Martinez of San Jose caught a Cat and a Stripe on Anchovies in Heron Bay
Nikko and Josh of Castro Valley caught 2 Stripers on Top Water in the Narrows
Ricky Garcia of Livermore caught 2 Catfish on Ham in Heron Bay
Kenny Khu of Livermore caught 5 Catfish on Anchovies in the Narrows

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